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Writing Consultations

Would you like kind, supportive and personalized feedback on your writing?


Want help figuring out next steps for your writing project?


Would you benefit from individualized support and resources for editing, querying an agent and/or submitting your work to a small press for publication?

In the new year, published author and writing teacher Charlie J Stephens will be offering this literary service. *In person or via Zoom. 

If interested, please email Include the following in your email: 1) A brief (under 200 word) description of yourself, your project, and your goals, 2) Your ideal time frame for working together, 3) If you'd prefer to work in-person or on Zoom, 4) Any other relevant information, and 5) Please write "Consultation" in the subject heading.  Rates are generally $65/hour or $195 for up to 6,000 words (whichever is less) but may be less or more depending on your individual needs. You can learn more about author and writing teacher Charlie J. Stephens at

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