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Book Trade-ins

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Sea Wolf Books offers store credit for books in excellent condition: no underlining, highlighting, or cracked spines. For paperback and hardcover books we pay up to 40% in store credit. Credit can be used for any items in the physical bookshop (not online) for up to one year.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer cash payment for books at this time.


Please email or call before heading in to make sure we are accepting books that day.

The best way to determine if we will be able to take your used books is to spend some time in the store to get an understanding of the titles and genres we prioritize.  

Please don't be upset if you bring in books and we aren't able to offer credit. Apologies in advance! Since the space is so small, we have to be very selective about which books we can carry, and this means we sometimes have to turn down good ones.

If you'd like to help the community, we highly recommend donating books to the Port Orford or Langlois Library's book sales or to one of the local schools.

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